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the conversation + twinkie

the longer i stare at nicole holi's the conversation print the more questions pop into my mind. who are they? why have animal heads been superimposed on their bodies? where would they shop if they stepped off the canvas? and the eternal art question . . . what does it mean? yep, this is definitely not your parents art but yet another exciting etsy find.

nicole (aka nikoart at her etsy shop) is a true emerging artist from the big island and a recent
uh manoa art grad who, in the process of getting her degree, received many accolades for her unique p.o.v. in addition to working in mixed media, she is also crafting plush toys like twinkie who i wouldn't be surprised to find in the pages of where the wild things are.

there are not that many venues in the islands for emerging artists like nicole to show their goods so i encourage you to stop by her etsy shop which gives artists & crafters an alternative way to make a living while following their dreams.

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