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beach blanket bingo

pretty beach mats!

after spending a day wandering around honolulu furniture stores with my aunty, i can honestly say that pacific home is, hands down, my favorite design shop in hawaii. they are always mixing it up and bringing in new accessories that are really hard to find in the islands (actually it's difficult to find a brick and mortar store stocked with modern beach style like ph even here in so/cal).

there is always something cool happening like the recent meet and greet with rug designer emma gardner, the staff is friendly (hi tara!), and i am happy to report they don't shadow you around the store waiting to pounce which occurred in almost every other shop we visited that day (is it just me or does anyone else find that trying to shake a persistent sales clerk off their tail distracts from the task at hand).

oh, and they adore design*sponge too!

anyhoo, i had a difficult time resisting these oh so pretty beach mats imported into the states by one of the contestants from the amazing race, but since my willpower won out in the end now i have a good reason to stop by the next time i'm home.

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