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island crush: pacific impressions

happy may day wherever you may be! my love affair with vintage maps has been well documented on h|h along with my paper crush on pretty letterpress goods. so you can imagine my delight when i happened across the loveliest letterpress map featuring the hawaiian islands.

and it's printed in turquoise ink!


the etsy shop of quail lane press woos with hand drawn illustrations of seaside locales (the lost art of cartography just happens to be a hobby of the designer) impressed on a vintage vandercook press. each print is then carefully tinted with watercolor for an extra helping of handmade sweetness.

limited edition and only 75 will be printed so hele over to peek our part of the pacific in all its glory.

$45 online.

p.s. a chocolate print is also offered if you prefer a more subdued design.


shop peek: reuse hawaii warehouse

while home this winter, the mister and i finally had a chance to pop into the reuse hawaii warehouse to marvel at all the wonderful discoveries saved from deconstruction projects around the island. (tax day tie-in: material donations are deductible if your nest happens to be in need of a renovation.)

our dear friend selina co-founded reuse with her sweetie quinn a few years ago (their lovely cottage overlooking the honolulu city lights is a gorgeous lesson in decorating with roadside castoffs and warehouse finds), and the combined sweat equity of their crew has created one of the most eco-friendly resources on oahu for designers and diy-ers.

since reuse opened its doors, the coconut wire has shared stories of furniture designers crafting pieces out of reclaimed wood, eco-friendly event planners upcycling discoveries into rustic centerpieces intended to become post-bash planter boxes, and a friend's hubby who cobbled together their hillside chicken coop after a reuse shopping trip. and, more than a few indie shopkeepers have scouted reuse for supplies to transform into a charming perch for their merch.

with an ever changing inventory, chances are a delightful surprise is waiting in one of the many warehouse aisles which woo with salvaged flooring and doors, vintage delights from industrial light fixtures to old timey glass door knobs, boxes of ceramic tiles, bins of hardware, an outdoor lumber yard, and the occasional curious find.

join me for a tour after the jump!

happy hardware holdalls
charming french doors & vintage cupboards
project possibility?

while lounging by the warehouse entrance, my camera snapped a little boat which seemed just right for recreating this dreamy pillow filled boat hearted on my pinterest (mahalo betty for pinning!).

new arrivals can be peeked online (oh, how i coveted the gorgeous farmhouse sink rescued from shangri la last year) but do remember that the first shopper to show up at the warehouse scoops up the goods.

  • where: 200 keawe street, kaka'ako
  • shop hours: mon to fri, 8a to 6p & sat, 9a to 4p

p.s. reuse is always on the lookout for good peeps so click over to the job board to inquire about joining the team.


shop toast: bunny kokeshi

something sweet for easter baskets in search of handmade cuteness . . . shop toast's new bunny kokeshi! the delightful facade, crafted of aspen wood, opens up to hide away a few favorite spring treats then tucks inside a matching fabric bag for instant gift giving.

find online or at shop toast's kaimuki studio.

p.s. the wedding café at ward warehouse now hosts a mini shop toast stocked year-round with favors and delights.


island crush: poster pop

a little design love for your aloha friday!

nick from everything is jake! recently printed up the very fun aloha 'aina series filled with cheery island pop destined to brighten up blank walls.

the foursome features happy hints of island delights: the iconic big waves surfed on oahu, the wintering whales off maui's shores, the sweet country life embraced on kaua'i, and the breathtaking adventures awaiting on the big island.

currently sold as a set which can be purchased in the etsy shop.

p.s. you can now find select EIJ! prints over at the greenroom gallery in beautiful waikiki.


island crush: upcycled aloha

oh dier's reclaimed wooden aloha sign instantly wooed me with its pretty cursive loops. the perfect way to say hello again after so much time away from posting.

truly the loveliest greeting when friends knock on your door while decorating your nest with a sweet reminder of why you love the islands so.

choose from a palette of fifteen colors or spend $10 more for a custom paint job.

$65 online.

p.s. back soon with lots of delightful island goodness!