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frequent flier style

vintage seashell collection

something about the vintage textiles featured in the debut collection of jumpseat bags reminds me of flying the friendly skies around the islands as a kid. my déjà-vu moment was unshakable until a little digging turned up the little nugget that the company behind the bags is utilizing dead stock from a shuttered miami carrier.

oh well, even if someone else buckled up into airline seats covered in the retro tropical sunset pattern, i still love how seat belts have been repurposed into the handles for jumpseat's handcrafted line which certainly breaths new life into forgotten fabric.

alas, this fusion of new and vintage does not come cheap, but something for the wish list for anyone who wants to bring a hint of glamour from flying's bygone era on-board their next flight.


my fare lady

waimea canyon

it may not be a $1 ticket but the latest $25 o/w fare will still buy you a nice lunch with the extra savings. there were plenty of seats available when i did a quick price check for the usually elusive sale tix, however, since only a few seats are typically discounted, it's always a good idea to nail down your dates quickly to take your pick of the flight schedule.


  • book it: by sun, aug 19th
  • fly: now to sep 30th
  • blackout dates: aug 31st, sep 2nd & 3rd (aloha & go!)
  • cities: honolulu to hilo *or* kahalui *or* kona *or* lihue

fly, fly, fly: aloha airlines | go! | hawaiian airlines


carbon neutral holiday

ke'e beach, kaua'i

overall, our little household does our best to be good little humans . . . we go organic when possible at the market, recycle everything our town will take, clean our home & laundry with eco-friendly products, and when we finally moved into an apartment with washer dryer hookups (yay!) we became the proud owners of an energy efficient w/d combo.

now we have our eye on becoming carbon neutral with the first step being to offset our need to fly home to visit our ohana. you know this idea is getting more mainstream when more and more corporations, fancy ski resorts, and even the nfl pro bowl are going green[er].

if you are intrigued and want to do a little carbon offsetting yourself, check out the carbon calculators at sustainable travel international or terrapass to determine how much impact your lifestyle and travels have on the earth. it's a small step everyone who can afford it should consider since carbon offset purchases go to fund sustainable projects from tree planting to clean energy around the world.

perhaps one day an enterprising soul will start a program in the islands but until then this will have to do.


$20 getaway plan

okay, so this may not be the absolute lowest the airfare wars have gone but the extra dollar and change still makes for a fabulous deal to fly to the neighbor islands. yep, $20.07 for a o/w ticket is a sweet deal indeed.


  • book it: by mon, jan 8th
  • fly: now to feb 28th
  • cities: honolulu to hilo *or* kahalui *or* kona *or* lihue

fly, fly, fly: aloha airlines | go! | hawaiian airlines


jet set holiday

you're in luck if you want to skip the family festivities and go island hopping this weekend. hawaiian & go have knocked a few bucks off their latest airfare war bringing xmas travel around hawaii down to only $25 o/w.

if you're not in a rush, you can also score $29 o/w tix for travel through jan 31st on all three airlines. the deadline for sale no. 2 falls on xmas day.

also, you may want to consider the gift of flight for the jet setters on your list. hawaiian has gift certificates available from $50-$5000 that can be emailed to the recipient while aloha has gift tickets on sale until the end of the year.


  • book it: xmas sale - asap; $29 sale - by dec 25th
  • fly: xmas sale - dec 24th & 25th ; $29 sale - now to jan. 31st
  • cities: honolulu to hilo *or* kahalui *or* kona *or* lihue

fly, fly, fly: aloha airlines | go! | hawaiian airlines