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island crush: petite pukas

the humble puka shell has become an iconic souvenir for waves and waves of tourists wishing to remember their hawaiian holiday. over the past few years, local designers have shaken off the simple strand and mixed the tiny treasures in charming and intriguing ways with a delicate shell dangling on a bangle becoming a favorite accessory of island lovelies.

over the summer, hula hoops unveiled a pretty new entry into this crowded category offering a subtle yet beguiling design featuring a row of mini pukas interspersed with matching metal discs. picturing the slight shimmy this must make with every step delights me to no end.

handhammered in 14k gold or sterling silver in three sizes to woo you.

starting at $50 online.


hello hula hoops!

my fingers are crossed that your remaining moments of summertime have been filled with adventure so that my unintended absence has gone unnoticed. a recent note finally wooed me out of my august ennui momentarily if only to share the happy news of the much anticipated online shop launch of hula hoops!

while maui designer laurie olsen's jewelry line has been on my radar for eons, my m.o. is to patiently wait until faraway friends also have access to a delightful island find that may linger in my limbo file indefinitely until ready for its h|h debut. a perfect wink to its handmade offerings, the hula hoops collection skips from simple hammered circles to more intricate designs with the occasional mix-in of pacific seashells, raw crystals, and earthy findings.

in addition to the online shop, maui readers can also find select pieces at a handful of upcountry stockists.