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island crush: gold dipped glam

while flipping through my notes searching for something exceptionally crushworthy, i re-spotted these gorgeous gold dipped wood rings by rockabella jewels. the juxtaposition of warm wood with molten metal dripping down the sides is unexpectedly glam, no?

the one of a kind designs, inspired by the rivulets of water left behind when ocean waves crash onto rocky shorelines, are offered in a mix of woods, shapes, and occasionally an extra glimmer of sparkle.

$120 online.

p.s. rockabella fans who call oahu home have a chance to spy and save 15% off the maui made collection when designer kristel bandisch hops over for a trunk show this weekend!


island crush: petite pukas

the humble puka shell has become an iconic souvenir for waves and waves of tourists wishing to remember their hawaiian holiday. over the past few years, local designers have shaken off the simple strand and mixed the tiny treasures in charming and intriguing ways with a delicate shell dangling on a bangle becoming a favorite accessory of island lovelies.

over the summer, hula hoops unveiled a pretty new entry into this crowded category offering a subtle yet beguiling design featuring a row of mini pukas interspersed with matching metal discs. picturing the slight shimmy this must make with every step delights me to no end.

handhammered in 14k gold or sterling silver in three sizes to woo you.

starting at $50 online.


dream weaver

the stacks by my bedside have become overwhelmed with books on energy medicine delving into the chakras, reiki, and acupuncture with a few pages on quantum physics thrown in for good measure. with the turn of every page, my high school crush on mystical gemstones becomes ever more reignited so it should come as no surprise that vega jewelry's fatty leather wrapped crystal has become quite coveted on my wishlist.

(perhaps the zen-like tranquility of a quartz paired with wooden beads is calling your name?)

design inspiration kisses victoria kray, the maui-slash-nyc alchemist behind the collection, while wandering beneath the stars, in the waves, and across the desert. i just love how each piece balances energy with edginess . . . . channeling ancient notions and mingling in modern elements to woo lovelies who coexist in both worlds.

and, what should i discover while peeking the official facebook page? a weeklong 40% off sale on leather sparkle which kicked off only hours ago! (secret code: leather2012)

kismet seems to be smiling down upon me today.


tribal gathering

sending happy hellos to wherever you may be tonight! much to my delight the tribal trend has been inspiring more than a few island designers which makes my inner boho swoon.

on the chance you might share my crush, gather 'round for a little show & tell of a few favorites collected during my interweb wanderings . . .

1 - designer sierra dew's hand hammered aztec earrings update the feathery look with metal mystique.

2 - wings hawaii transforms a vintage belt buckle rubbing into a trio of handcut thunderbird designs.

3 - the mystical agates found in modern philosophy's tribal chevron rings promise to rebalance your aura and help you find your way in life and love.


misa jewelry sea shells collection

puka ring * oyster ring

hello hello! i must confess to feeling less than inspired to edit photos and compose just the right words about my latest discoveries despite the ballooning list of possibilities hidden away in my notes. then an unexpected update from jewelry designer misa hamamoto about the online debut of her sea shells collection instantly shook away my winter doldrums. (just in time for spring's arrival . . . hooray!)

my first glimpse actually happened when lisa from bungalow 9 shared a shop update before the holidays. an instant swoon is always a good sign a feature is in the stars, but a little patience was required since i prefer to share goods when they can be acquired in a few clicks.

wandering through the new collection reveals misa's handmade love note to her island home from a delicate yet mysterious interpretation of the puka ring to the intricate composition of a turtle shell and the simplicity of a spiraling cone shell cast in metal. i suspect the sweet shout-outs of modern ocean adornment will connect with all of us who savor moments searching through the sand for tiny souvenirs to remember a happy day spent at the beach.

more to adore after the jump!

turtle earrings
cone necklace & cuff

are you just as smitten now?

the online shop is filled with gold and silver offerings or click over to the stockist list as quite a few boutiques have joined misa's fan club since last summer's update.

oh, and l.a. lovelies simply must pop by stacia's santa monica boutique which carries misa jewelry, gypsy lingerie, and artwork by heather brown alongside designer stacy johnson's gorgeous eco knits!