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sweet nothings 2011 - take one

while my st. valentine's cards wait to be addressed and posted in the mail, i hustled up a few gently priced delights to share with you today.

1 - meet shop toast's newest debut - the very playful smit-tin filled with heart-shaped arare and pink gumballs. ($7)

2 - patagonia's organic live simply tees always make me smile, and a sweet little whale adorned with a flower lei sends just the right message to the little girl in your life. ($25)

3 - berrysprite's crocheted ipod cozy bear will charm sweeties with a kawaii crush. ($13)

4 - add a hint of old timey romance with space moderne's pretty in pink take on its always lovely handmade felt brooch. ($22)

will you be playing cupid with your favorite sweethearts this valentine's day?


sketch artists

tools of the trade * ocean of peace

the arrival of my winter cold meant very little shopping was done on my trip home last month. after a leisurely lunch with friends at uncle's fish market, i mustered up just enough energy for a quick stroll around chinatown and popped by super citizen to peek the shop's eco-friendly goods.

my plan was to nudge the mister over to the super soft organic tees by vers, but, happily, he was immediately drawn to the very cool screenprinted designs all on his own. the newly released tools of the trade tee with its collage of surf necessities was quickly snapped up while the ocean of peace tee was the perfect gift for our dear friends' two-year-old cutie who delighted us with his sweet declarations of "aloha" and "malasada!" during his first trip to hawaii.

lady logger * pen belt
malolo & love tree

the hand drawn designs are from the sketchpad of local artists roxanne chasle and matthew ortiz who produce each organic offering in small editions. the pair founded vers with the intention of crafting wearable art made for everyday, and their detailed depictions of waves and nature (along with the occasional irreverent design) will be a happy find if you also happen to be on the lookout for sustainable style.

prices range from $20 for toddler togs to $35 for grownup tees. although the online shop is not taking orders just yet, you can browse the gallery of designs for your wishlist then shop locally at super citizen in chinatown, drift in kaimuki, and aloha 'aina in waikiki.

take a peek and share your favorite vers!


kealopiko x hinu holiday

your favorite kama'aina elf has been busy curating her virtual stacks for the island style gifting guides that will be launching later today, but this lovely new collaboration by kealopiko and hinu jewelry deserves its own separate shoutout.

two of my favorite designers decided to whip up a pupu hinuhinu gift set inspired by the shells found on hawaii's shores. the pupu ala organic scoop tee screenprinted by kealopiko coordinates perfectly with hinu's sterling silver leho necklace. definitely a wishlist keeper if only to help out those clueless sweeties who lack the gifting gene.

the limited edition set is priced at $100 with tees available in sizes small to xxl. enter the code below at checkout and save 10% off your order!

  • secret code: hawaii nei

introducing manaomakani

it's an unfortunate fact that styles for the lads are few and far between in h|h's dressing room, so i was quite happy to find a note from manaomakani designer jamie makani aldaya in my inbox. a precursory peek at the handful of designs in the newly launched collection was a delightful discovery since the label mixes screenprinted and embroidered native hawaiian motifs on 100% certified organic cotton tees and jackets.

the socially responsible line is made in the usa which altogether is the practically elusive, almost impossible shopping triumph in our household. a win-win-win for the hubby's 808 tee collection, i say!

the design process is a bit more intricate since jamie, who was raised in the bay area and started manaomakani after a 30 year style career, looks to his native hawaiian ancestors for both inspiration and permission. the latter entails returning to the islands to offer chants and a pule (prayer) to the gods and then waiting for a sign before proceeding with each collection. he sought out windswept ka'ena point for the 2010 collection which honors native plants like koa and ohia lehua for their cultural value to the hawaiian people.

koa embellished tee
ohia embellished tee
organic french terry jackets

designs are screenprinted with water-based inks and the embroidered details add an eloquent flourish. price tag ranges from $44 for a tee to $110 for a hoodie (organic french terry = happiness!). for those used to fast fashion prices, it may sound a bit high for basics but remember there is a hidden cost of cheap, throwaway fashion from underpaid labor to a garment's environmental footprint (especially not cool when other countries' citizens must deal with the consequences to quench america's neverending desire for a closetful of disposable bargains).

manaomakani is also committed to the 1% for the planet philosophy and donates 1% of purchases to kahea, the hawaiian-environmental alliance.

a w's line is in the works and, fyi island shopkeepers, jamie is currently on the lookout for local retailers. the full line-up can be shopped online (knock 15% off with the secret code below) while sf readers can scoop up styles at aloha warehouse in japantown.

  • secret code: HAPA15
  • expires: sun, oct 31st

{mahalo jamie!}


kauai caffeine fix

despite the fact the i am quite possibly one of the few people on earth who don't drink coffee, one thing i know is that coffee lovers everywhere swoon when you gift them with a bag of coffee from hawaii. the big island typically gets all the glory but did you know that coffee farms also exist on the other islands? in fact, kauai was the first island in hawaii to establish a commercial coffee farm way back in 1836.

kauai also happens to be home to the blair estate which grows 100% organic coffee on their farm north of kapaa. you really get to understand life on a coffee farm on their super informative website, but if you want to see the journey from coffee bean to cup of joe firsthand, the owners also welcome the public to take a tour of the family owned farm.

of course, if you can't get yourself over to kauai you can still savor blair estate coffee (and chocolate covered beans, and guava jam, and lilikoi butter . . . yum!) via their online shop where the beans patiently wait to be freshly roasted until the order button is clicked.